Icera iWash Electronic Bidet Seat S-10


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Electronic Bidet Seat
UL Listed

The iWash® electronic bidet seat offers the ultimate in comfort and cleansing, designed to convert your existing toilet into a bidet. The iWash®’s instant water heating system allows unlimited warm water compared to the more common tanked models which typically only allow 45 seconds of warm water. This more hygienic system eliminates water tanks which accumulate bacteria and mold.

Each iWash® features a heated seat with adjustable temperature assuring only the best in comfort. The adjustable nozzle, water temperature and pressure give a customized wash experience with every use. The convenient, stylish remote control can be mounted to the wall for easy access.

» Durable polypropylene body
» Soft-close, sittable seat and lid (rated up to 250 lbs.)
» Instant water heating system
» Self-cleaning, aluminum plated nozzle

» Adjustable nozzle position
» Adjustable water temperature and pressure
» Heated seat with adjustable temperature
» Aerated water spray for a gentle wash
» Warm air dryer
» LED nightlight
» Rear, front, and oscillating wash options
» Automated, one-touch wash-and-dry cycle
» ECO power-saving mode

Accessories Included
» Remote control and wall-mount
» Water supply hose
» Metal T-valve
» Mounting plate
» Seat bolts
» 2x AA batteries (for remote control)


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